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Barry Levine

I'm a journalist and a producer.

Marketing/ad/sales tech. Interactive audio. Stories.

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Flexcel article

Marketers, two new channels are opening up

Two ways of holding things are being reinvented into key components of emerging marketing channels....

Johnny walker iot from evrythng article

Evrythng (spelled that way) nabs $7.5M to connect everything to everything

The original idea for the company was to build a kind of Facebook for all the non-people out there....

Birchbox image article

Campaign Monitor rescues generated emails for marketers

Marketers control emails sent out in campaigns, like the ones telling you about a new sale on widgets....

Conference article

Bizible adds real-world events to its sales attribution

Deciding which digital ad led to a sale is one thing. Deciding which attendance at a real-world conference helped the sale is quite another....

Handshake article

New marketing survey: It’s the trust, stupid

If you listen to marketers and advertisers, the key to success these days is targeting. “The right ad to the right person at the right time” is the common mantra....

American eagle article

These days ‘convergence’ means uniting the selves of the customer

Before it was obvious this is a multi-channel or even omni-channel world, “convergence” used to describe how those separate modes of digital communication would come together....

Broken article

The digital ad business is broken, says former CEO

"The onion is slowly and surely getting peeled back."...

Disguises ii article

Disguises — for ads and for devices — are becoming a bigger part of mobile ads

The evolution of the mobile ad ecosystem is ushering in some new disguises....

Satisfied article

Capterra report: CRM users really like their software

Seventy-one percent of users of customer relationship management systems are satisfied or very satisfied, although a quarter would like to have social media monitoring built in....

Intelligence article

Social marketing platform Spredfast enhances its Intelligence

Chief product officer Manish Mehta told us that the platform's Intelligence solution now has the "ability to combine what happened, what's happening, and what's going to happen" in one view....