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Barry Levine

I'm a journalist and a producer.

Marketing/ad/sales tech. Interactive audio. Stories.

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MIT's 'WiTricity' Makes Power Cords Obsolete | NewsFactor Business Report

A team of MIT researchers was able to power a light bulb from an unconnected source. If the team is able to commercialize the technology, it could signal the end of the power cord....

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Google's Ara Modular Phone Set for Sale in January for $50 | Sci-Tech Today

Get ready for the modular smartphone. At Google's Project Ara Developer Conference this week, the company announced that the device is scheduled to go on sale in January for about $50....


Google Cloud Print Reaches 6 Million Printers Through Chrome | NewsFactor Network

A world without printer drivers, where you could print to any printer. That's the vision of Google Cloud Print, which the technology giant says is now available to anyone through the Chrome Web Browser....

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Happy 30th Birthday, Apple Macintosh | NewsFactor Network

One day, all computers will look like the Mac. That was the sentiment expressed by a technology reviewer when Apple's legendary computer was born, 30 years ago today....

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pCell Promises To Reinvent Wireless with Amazing Speed | Sci-Tech Today

Mobile reception at fiber optic speeds, with no dead zones or congestion. That’s the promise of a new technology being unveiled Wednesday by Artemis, led by technology visionary Steve Perlman....

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Microsoft Office Still Tops for Productivity, Forrester Finds | Sci-Tech Today

Google Docs and other cloud- and desktop-based software are nipping at its heels, but is Microsoft Office losing its dominance as the top office productivity suite? Not according to a new report....

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Netgear Offers Wi-Fi Hotspots for SMBs Through Facebook | NewsFactor Network

Network Wi-Fi router maker Netgear is partnering with Facebook to provide a Facebook page for a small business as a log-in portal to access free Wi-Fi through hotspots for its customers....

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Start-Up Uses Polymorphism Against Web Attackers | NewsFactor Network

What if a Web site could use a key malware technique against cyberattacks? That's what a start-up is doing in launching a new product that uses real-time polymorphism as a Web site defense....

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Attention, Bots! Google Is Redoing ReCAPTCHA | NewsFactor Network

You know those distorted images of texts that Google makes you read in order to ensure you are a human? Google is redoing them so there is less reliance on distorted texts....


New Trojan Mimics Windows Reactivation | NewsFactor Network

A new Trojan Horse is making the rounds, impersonating Windows reactivation and antipiracy messages with the goal of duping users into divulging their credit card information....